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Inpage 2016 Edition Free Download (New Version)

We're constantly sharing any version of Inpage Urdu Software with you in this website & which you can easily & freely download to your windows (PCs, Computers) & In that regard, today we're going to share another version of inpage software called inpage 2016 edition which is alike to 2009 version inpage but there are several changes have been made in this latest version.

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We all are well aware about these versions of software that we can use for writing Urdu documents, company owners & even everyone can write Urdu & Urdu documents & copy paste in other 3rd party software & tools such as Corel Draw, Illustrator, Photoshop and much more.

There are a lot of sites there out that are providing you links to old version of software & make you fool by changing the name of the file but in this article I'm going to add the working 2016 inpage software with you that you can download from the link below for free without any short link or deadlink.

Before downloading the file, I mean the software, Do post a small comment below because your small feedback can make me much happy & I'll work for you more happily.

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If you're ready to get your inpage 2016 software, Click the link below but  remember that I have zipped it & you'll need to extract it using any files extractor software such as WinRAR or any other.

Download Links: 
MediaFire Link: Download Inpage 2016
DropBox Link: Download Inpage 2016

Price: $0.0
Official URL:
Publisher: Yasar Ali
Operating System: Computers
Rating: 5 Stars


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    1. Yes, I already knew but I don't want to bother my visitors with that links because sometimes shortened links hurt them & when they click on the ad by a mistake, they get a software installed to their pc.
      Sorry for that.

  2. Thanks for your great work.
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    1. Hi Earner,
      We appreciate your comment.
      I'll do visit that blog.

  3. To do some small customize changing in software it doesn't mean that this is Inpage 2016 version... its 2012 version... you know that... you are getting traffic from cheap way... try to do some Honest work.. otherwise you should quit from this field.

    1. Who not know dear bro. But I think you might not know that the software versions we're sharing here are not legal to use on our devices & do you know why because the developer doesn't allow it to us except purchasing the original one. He also said that "Are versions are protracted!!!"

      I've had a great discussion on this topic with the developer of the & he said that this is totally illegal to share or buy Inpage software from shops with CDs.

      By the way you tell that this is inpage 2012. I say no this is not 2012 but in fact, this is one software which is pirated & users just change their names to 2009, 2011 & 2015 etc.

      I've modified this software because I've seen many blog's developers who are in fact, not sharing softwares of Inpage versions but just link to any wrong URL & make us fool.

      When I was modifying such changes, My heart didn't want to make fool of my readers but there was no other way to do because When I myself searched on the google I found one Result which was about inpage 2016.

      I thought at that time, Whoosh, Inpage 2016 has come to market but when I went through the URL, I found Ad nothing else.

      Now, Let me know if I've taken the step wrong.

  4. Thanks i am download Inpage for my PC

  5. Anonymous10/20/2016

    A very helpful software for professionals

    1. Thank you so much. The credit for the software should goes to I'm just sharing it here.

  6. Thank you very much I have enjoyed downloading it was very easy and straight forward which is usually difficult for inpage online. thank you again for your effort.

    1. Hi Turk Raja,

      I appreciate your kind words.


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